mHealth solutions to minimize the daily challenges in diabetes management

Roche Diabetes Care and mySugr enter into a co-promotion agreement to advance the potential benefits of digital health for people with diabetes

mHealth solutions to minimize the daily challenges in diabetes management

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Roche Diabetes Care and mySugr enter into a co-promotion agreement to advance the potential benefits of digital health for people with diabetes 

Roche Diabetes Care announced the co-operation with mySugr, a diabetes service company providing apps to help people with diabetes to reduce the burden of managing their chronic condition.

The agreement with mySugr will support both companies in broadening access to innovative digital solutions and contribute to an easier and more seamless integration of diabetes management in daily routines. The co-promotion agreement will initially start in Germany and Austria; with the U.S. and other markets to follow. Roche and mySugr will jointly market the product through their respective marketing and communication channels.


Digital health can motivate people to better manage their diabetes

The integration of Roche’s Accu-Chek Connect meter with the mySugr app allows users to benefit from the collaboration in various ways, such as the ability to automatically upload blood glucose data into the app. Elements of fun, gamification and immediate feedback like the “diabetes monster” in the mySugr Logbook app playfully integrate diabetes management into daily routines. These unique features have helped mySugr establish the largest user base of any diabetes management app worldwide.

“This co-operation will bring true innovation to our customers,” says Marcel Gmuender, Global Head of Roche Diabetes Care. “Digital diabetes care solutions have proven to help manage diabetes-related data more comprehensively. This makes data more meaningful1 and can ultimately lead to better therapy outcomes.”


Interview with Frank Westermann, CEO & co-founder of mySugr

What is MySugr about and how it works?

 MySugr is about motivating people to stay engaged with their therapy. Diabetes therapy can be really boring and a lot of people are not super engaged to track their numbers and do not have a good impression about the therapy. We want to help them to stay on track, to be motivated and keep the blood sugar in range. Roche provide a very high quality


What does mean this partnership with Roche for your company?

It is a huge success and a big gain for our patients, our users. For us is a perfect combination of a great user experience with an application and a very high quality medical device to test your blood sugar levels.


The motto of mySugr is: “We make diabetes suck less”. How can this solution improve the daily routine of the diabetic patient?

The point is diabetes absolutely sucks. You need to invest too much brain power and time into managing your disease and that is something that probably you don’t really like to do. We want to give the whole diabetes therapy management.


In which countries will be mySugr available?

The cooperation with Roche is alive in Austria, Germany and soon in the US. We also have launched mySugr in Italy and probably more European countries will follow soon. 


In more general terms, how digital health can help people with diabetes to better manage their disease?

Diabetes is all about data management and digital tools are an awesome help for being able to interpret these data in a more intelligent way. As an example, when I still used paper based diaries I generated maybe 15 data points each day; now, I generate more than 1.000, including CGM data, activity data, bolus shots, blood glucose levels, etc. I and also my doctor, we are able to get much better insight into my therapy. From all the data we can just make better informed decisions.



We make diabetes suck less” 

Founded in 2012 by people with diabetes for people with diabetes, mySugr creates mobile health solutions to minimize the daily struggles and challenges in diabetes management. True to their motto, “we make diabetes suck less,” mySugr becomes a loyal companion by providing comprehensive care through app-based services during the often lonely and confusing times between doctor visits.


Their products are characterized by the intelligent combination of design, technology, and diabetes expertise to help people better manage their blood sugar and live happier, healthier lives. Particularly well-known is mySugr Logbook which has more than 600,000 registered users worldwide and focuses on automated tracking through connected devices, insulin dose calculations (approved for use in Europe), estimated HbA1c statistics, and clear reporting for effective therapy management with clinicians.