Interview with Yves Caseau | Head of Digital and Innovation, AXA Group

Smart Health interviews Yves Caseau | Head of Digital and Innovation, AXA Group

Interview with Yves Caseau | Head of Digital and Innovation, AXA Group

Yves Caseau

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Yves Caseau is one of the keynote speakers of the Health 2.0 Europe 2016 event. Caseau is responsible for driving the priorities of AXA’s Digital Agency, a recent offspring of AXA digital strategy, whose purpose is to deliver innovative services to both AXA customers and prospects, in 55 countries. In his conferences, he shares company’s vision as an insurance pioneer in reimbursing digital health solutions.


How important is the Digital Health revolution for an insurance company like AXA?

Health is one of our four lines of business among Asset Management, Property & Casualty and Life & Savings. We believe that our business models will be transformed by the introduction of new digital players. The new players will fundamentally challenge the expectations of customers towards insurance companies. Our goal is to transform AXA from Health Payer to Health Partner embracing our positioning of Care and Anticipation.


You are responsible for driving the priorities of AXA’s Digital Agency. Which is the purpose of this recent offspring of AXA digital strategy? 

AXA has realized that a one-size-fits-all strategy cannot be the way to have new models emerging. AXA has decided to be present on many domains of the digital transformation. AXA Strategic Ventures invests on InsurTech startups. Kamet is a stat up incubator. The Data Innnovation Lab unlocks value from data with a team based in Paris and Singapore. The Digital Agency delivers global digital assets that are rolled out in many countries like MyAXA and innovative initiatives on connected home or connected health. 


What innovative digital initiatives are AXA developing for their customers at the present time?

AXA launched over the last few years more than 15 innovative services on e-Health launched by the entities or led by the Group. Let me give you two examples of initiatives launched recently. First one would be Healthlook, an initiative launched by AXA Assistance globally on patient monitoring and tracking. Another one could be Are You Ok, launched in 2015 in Japan. The service brings peace of mind to families with an isolated senior at home. 


How can these new solutions help to improve health outcomes for all?

Healthlook is changing the patient monitoring with the support of connected devices. Participants to the program can have immediate connection with a GP/Hospital in case of emergency. It grants as well a 24/7 medical & technical support by AXA Assistance. Are You Ok brings reliable assistance to people who need it the most. It allows families to be engaged in the elder care. The more they use the service the more the senior will be protected.


“AXA has decided to be present on many domains of the digital transformation”


What are the main challenges for the implementation of this innovative strategy?

The key challenge is that it takes time! To build the right value proposition, it requires identifying a problem worth solving for the customer. It means as well that we have to iterate until we find the right solution. So for all the initiatives we handle at the Digital Agency, we operate under a Lean Startup framework that put solving the customer pain points at the center of the design and incremental innovation the way to solve them. 


You are one of the keynote speakers of the Health 2.0 Europe event. What will be your conference about?

We will talk about the key strategic pillars of our health strategy around Care Coordination, Wellbeing & Prevention and Long term care. We’ll illustrate how we deliver this strategy on three initiatives the Digital Agency is conducting on 3 mobile apps: AXA Health, WellBe and Are You Ok. 


By Jose L. Cánovas  




Yves Caseau is AXA Group Head of Digital and Innovation. His job is to develop digital innovative applications throughout AXA’s entities. He is also in charge of IT digital orchestration and reports both to the Group CMO and the Group CIO. Last, he orchestrates the digital transformation of AXA and foster innovation throughout the Group.

He has been Bouygues Telecom's EVP in charge of Technologies, Services and Innovation, from January 1st, 2007 until February, 2014. He defined the long-term service strategy, developed mobile and fixed services (service platforms, fixed products and handsets). HIs key responsibility was to design and to build the “triple play” products (gateways and set top boxes), both from a hardware and a software perspective.1

He was Bouygues Telecom's CIO from 2001 until 2006. Bouygues Telecom is the third mobile phone operator in France. As the Chief Information Officer, he was in charge of the overall strategy and development of the IT divisions of Bouygues Télécom.

Until November 1st, 2001, he was the corporate Director of New Technologies at Bouygues (Corporate Headquarters) and Director of the Bouygues ‘e-Lab’, providing key technologies and vision to Broadcast and Telecom subsidiaries of the Bouygues Group. He has been a major contributor to strategic tasks such as the re-engineering of the IT systems architecture of Bouygues Telecom or the on-line optimization of advertising revenue.

He has published more than 40 papers on various scientific innovations, covering a large field from combinatorial optimization to compiler design.




Health 2.0 Europe 2016

All the stakeholders from the European digital health tech ecosystem meet in Barcelona for the 7th edition of Health 2.0 Europe (10-12th May 2016). Since 2010, Health 2.0 Europe has been the platform for developing and presenting new solutions in the field of digital health. The conference showcase innovative technologies from around the world helping healthcare professionals and patients in their daily activities and lives in the hospital or remotely. The organization has chosen Barcelona to host this new edition, considering it to be a major capital for innovation with a high concentration of startups and their close collaboration with the Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

All the key players of the health IT ecosystem are represented in the conference program. This year, the conference’s structure holds three main axes: accelerating the adoption of innovative solutions by patients and healthcare professionals, increasing the investment flow in digital health start-ups, and the reimbursement of these new technologies by public and private insurance systems. 

Key speakers will also include Dr. Rafael Grossmann, trauma surgeon and pioneer in digital health (he performed the first-ever live surgery with Google Glass); Esther Dyson, one of the most influential investors in digital health in the world – her latest investments include PatientsLikeMe, 23andMe, HealthTap, and Omada Health; Dr. Julio Mayol, director of the Innovation Institute San Carlos Health Research (IdSSC) in Madrid and advisor to biomedical technology and digital health startups.