CogniWin: A new way of working

CogniWin implies continuous monitoring of health parameters through an intelligent mouse and a customized eye tracking tool to assist the learning process and provide well-being guidance

CogniWin: A new way of working

The S-Mouse is a smart computer mouse that monitors a user’s stress and wellness levels

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CogniWin provides a new way of working by making use of technologies to assist the learning process and at the same time provide well-being guidance. Continuous monitoring of health parameters through an intelligent mouse and a customized eye tracking tool enable real-time alerts for unwanted situations making employees feel more secure and self-confident at work.

It provides technological innovation in the crucial areas of human-computer interaction and behavior analysis through the development of a cognitive model, embracing various cognitive characteristics of workers. CogniWin is easy to install on any computer without requiring any reorganization of the working place.

Four Main Services are integrated in Cogniwin:

- Advanced monitoring: (S-Mouse, eye tracker): measure physiological and visual parameters using special sensors that enable data analysis in order to provide personalized support for the user.

- Learning Assistant: provides personalized tips and advice (textual, video, audio) based on the users’ cognitive characteristics aiding them to achieve goals and improve performance.

- Well-being Advisor: provides personalized well-being advice to prevent unwanted age related health situations effectively preserving and improving their well-being status in the work environment.

- Working Memory Support: anticipates the next task or subtask (e.g., moving the mouse to the concerned graphical area) in order to reduce cognitive overload during computerized activities where the working memory is highly solicited.

Cogniwin flagship product, the S-Mouse, is a smart computer mouse that monitors a user’s stress and wellness levels. Wellness at work is predicted to be a huge issue over the next five years, and employers currently use outdated methods to monitor the wellness of their employees. The S-Mouse detects early signs of tension, stress overload and discomfort, and with the reporting systems provided, companies can now anticipate situations where their employees may suffer from stress by observing patterns. Companies rely on an environment which is stable and where performance is of a high quality, and the S-Mouse will become a vital everyday tool in workplaces. 

The S-Mouse is a unique product which has been developed to detect and gather vital signs from its users and to provide employers with a real time assessment of their stress level. It also measures any decreasing level of cognitive performance that are often the first sign of AAMI (Age Associated Memory Impairment, Dementia or Alzheimer’s). 

Research and development consortium 

Cogniwin is primarily a result of an ambient and assisted living research and development project. The research and development consortium is composed from eight (8) experienced and committed partners, namely three (3) Industrial Partners, three (3) research institutions and two (2) end user organizations spread around six (6) different European AAL partner States: Switzerland: University of Geneva, Caslab ( and ArgYou Ltd; Portugal: Microsoft Portugal and Instituto Pedro Nunes; Netherlands: Zuyderland; Austria: Austrian Institute of Technology; Spain: ISOIN; and Cyprus: Citard Services Ltd.

Currently the solution is brought to market by Genealth ( a Swiss startup specialised in Health and well being devices and is the winner of the gold medal of 46th Geneva international Invention exhibition. The research and development team of Genealth is composed from several expertise covering necessary domains for the upgrade and the industrialisation of the solution or sub systems of the solution. The first commercialised product is the Cognitive Model being used for the effectiveness measurement of new Alzheimer drugs. 

End-to-end solution

Cogniwin is an end-to-end solution. Its design is focused on privacy and although it captures and analyses stress and wellness parameters, it has been thought and build to ensure a high level of privacy and security. Cogniwin provide an overview of the organization by sector, department or operations (hours, days, activities) and never by a specific employee unless the employee specifically authorizes his stress tracking. The solution does not require any heavy installation. It has also been designed while keeping in mind senior employees needs specifically during phase of change management identified as one the most stressful situation in a company.

Acceptance and effectiveness

The solution has been tested in two organisations. The first is a highly computerized company and the second is a healthcare company during a change management phase. Obtained results have shown the large acceptance of the solution and its effectiveness to increase the mental health and wellbeing of employees. From hundred of testers, 68% have declared that the personal learning assistant helps them to overcome issues rising from the introduction of new software and by knowing its presence, their stress is already lower than how they used to be. 

The next future

We are currently working on two specific solutions derived from Cogniwin that address a special need in our identified market: Air traffic controllers and Financial trading rooms. Both are a very stressful environment and are taking large steps towards stress monitoring of their employees. For that purpose, and due to their specific computerized environment we are developing a solution where no specific installation is required (a plug and play solution). We expect the solution to be available on the market by the end of 2017 and to equip our first customers with it during 2018. Finally, with the rise of mental health at workplace issue, we aim to be positioned as a European leader of stress monitoring company. 

By Mehdi Snene, Director of CasLab at the University of Geneva and co-founder of Genealth