• Joe Killen (Tunstall)

    "Modern society requires solutions to provide continous medical support at home"

    Joe Killen is International Business Development Director at Tunstall Healthcare, also working on synergy strategies for Health and Social Care convergence with Regional Governments. He was one of the key speakers of the Digital Health & Wellness Summit @ Mobile World Congress 2016.

  • Caring me

    Caring me, virtual help against depression

    The healthcare municipal Organization Badalona Serveis and the multinational company ARVATO Bertelsmann joined efforts to develop and launch an efficient therapeutic tool that provides patients with new and stable treatment methods. Treatments were to be based in therapy self-guidance, always under supervision by medical specialists in the field.

  • Wearable Technology Show

    dacadoo finalist for the Best App Award at The Wearable Technology Show in London

    The Swiss mobile health technology company dacadoo was nominated as finalist for the Wearable Award 2016 in the category “Best App” at the international Wearable Technology Show 2016 in London.

  • Denise Silber

    Denise Silber, Founder of Doctors 2.0 & You and president of Basil Strategies

    Health pioneer and president of Basil Strategies, Denise Silber, an American in Paris, is the founder of Doctors 2.0 & You, the first patient-included international digital health conference in Europe.

  • eHealth Week

    eHealth Week 2016 speakers announced

    Dutch Minister and Secretary of State for Health, Welfare and Sport amongst keynote speakers of the sixth edition of the event organized by HIMSS Europe. Over 2,000 international experts in IT and healthcare, public institutions, professional and patient organisations are expected in Amsterdam form 8 to 10 June.

  • Erik Jacobson leads the Accenture Wearable Technology Practice in Europe

    Erik Jacobson (Accenture): “Wearable technologies enable the worker to be better and more efficient”

    Erik Jacobson leads the Accenture Wearable Technology Practice in Europe, part of Accenture's Emerging Technology Group. 

  • Odense

    Exciting week of health and innovation in Odense

    Meet Barack Obama's campaign manager, Danish Minister of Health, Sophie Loehde, philosopher and author Morten Albaek and the world famous American hacker Ralph Echemendia when WHINN – Week of Health and INNovation, a knowledge festival in health tech and health innovation, is held in Odense from 19-23nd October.

  • Julio Mayol, Head of Innovation, Hospital Clínico San Carlos (Madrid)

    From Innovation to the Transformation of Healthcare

    Let’s destroy, in creative terms, the current healthcare services model and rebuild it to make it even better. We all need to understand and accept that the ethics of healthcare provision not only depend on good intention but also on the quality of the outcomes obtained. Article by Julio Mayol, Head of Innovation, Hospital Clínico San Carlos (Madrid).

  • Health 2.0

    Health 2.0 announces the final agenda for the upcoming 6th Annual Health 2.0 Europe conference

    Health 2.0 announces the final agenda for the upcoming 6th Annual Health 2.0 Europe conference, which is set to convene over the course of three days on May 18-20 in Barcelona, Spain with hundreds of leaders in global healthcare and technology. The agenda highlights includes over 100 speakers, 70 LIVE demos and 24 sessions, workshops and activities.   

  • Tim Jürgens

    Interview to Tim Jürgens | General Manager, Roche Diabetes Care Netherlands and Head of Country Cluster Netherlands

    Smart Health interviews Tim Jürgens, the General Manager of Roche Diabetes Care Netherlands and Head of Country Cluster Netherlands, who talks about the new advances of Roche Diabetes Care for the daily treatment of this chronic disease. 

  • Sahlgrenska University Hospital

    Leading European hospitals analyse data with Qlik to improve patient care

    Sahlgrenska University Hospital has managed to halve patient waiting times and to conclude that extended time in hospital can increase the risk of a patient developing postoperative complications.

  • 7th Annual Health 2.0 Europe Conference

    Program announced for the 7th Annual Health 2.0 Europe Conference

    Health 2.0 announces keynote speakers and preliminary program for the 7th Annual Health 2.0 Europe Conference taking place May 10-­12​ in Barcelona,​ Spain. After a highly successful conference last May in Barcelona, the International event series will be back for another 3 full days discussing challenges faced by the healthcare system and showcasing the latest technologies and innovations that are making an impact.

  • Digital Health & Wellness Summit @ Mobile World Congress 2016

    Roche, European Commission and Telefonica, represented at Digital Health & Wellness Summit @ MWC 2016

    The European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) announced the speakers for keynotes, interactive panel sessions and workshops taking place at Digital Health & Wellness Summit @ Mobile World Congress 2016. The third edition of the event, supported by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, will be held in Barcelona, from 22nd to 25th February 2016. 

  • Sanofi and Google

    Sanofi teams up with Google Life Sciences to improve diabetes health outcomes

    The aim is to use data and miniaturized technology to provide patients with more tools to self-manage their disease, healthcare professionals with the ability to better support and treat patients 

  • •	There is still a lot to do to be able to take the maximum benefit of clinical documents

    Secure sharing of clinical documents

    Clinical Document Engineering offers solutions and services for all the phases of the clinical document life cycle

  • Dr. Heleen Riper, Full Professor eMental-Health, VU University Amsterdam

    Smart Mental Health: Accessible, Acceptable & Cost-Effective

    Dr. Heleen Riper, Full Professor eMental-Health, VU University Amsterdam, is the guest columnist of the 5th issue of Smart Health. Dr Riper considers eMental-health may contribute to improve access to psychological treatments.

  • By Rafael Grossmann

    The healthcare of the future

    In his analysis of the future of healthcare, Dr Rafael Grossmann points to virtual and augmented reality as the innovations with the most disruptive potential in the sector.

    Dr Rafael Grossmann is known worldwide as the first surgeon to use Google Glass during a surgical process. He defines himself as a healthcare futurist and is a fervent advocate of the potential of new technologies as tools to improve the healthcare system.

  • HIMSS Turkey

    Turkey, one of the most digitally advanced health systems in Europe

    The Turkish Hospital Urla Devlet Hastanesi has been awarded with a Stage 6 level on the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM). There are currently 13 EMRAM Stage 6 hospitals in Turkey, including the newly awarded Urla Hospital, in Europe only Spain has more such hospitals.

  • Play4Health

    Una nueva forma de hacer rehabilitación

    Play4Health es un sistema de telerrehabilitación escalable y de bajo coste para la mejora de déficits físicos y cognitivos, diseñado para ser utilizado tanto desde casa como desde centros sanitarios.

    Hoy en día, el diseño de los programas de rehabilitación suele tener que superar barreras geográficas y restricciones económicas que dificultan su implementación y limitan su eficacia. La elevada tasa de envejecimiento de la población actual en los países desarrollados es una de las principales preocupaciones socio-sanitarias de sus gobiernos.

  • Christina Roosen

    We can no longer afford to let language be a barrier in health IT

    I consider myself fortunate to have just moved house to a town outside Barcelona. Barcelona is one of my favourite cities – and it feels poignant to be making this move now, at a time when HIMSS (for those that do not know, a global not-for-profit dedicated to transforming health through IT), is really starting to grow its Spanish-speaking community.