• Caring me

    Caring me, virtual help against depression

    The healthcare municipal Organization Badalona Serveis and the multinational company ARVATO Bertelsmann joined efforts to develop and launch an efficient therapeutic tool that provides patients with new and stable treatment methods. Treatments were to be based in therapy self-guidance, always under supervision by medical specialists in the field.

  • Sundhed.dk, Denmark’s national health portal

    eHealth makes people healthier: Denmark’s national health portal

    Sundhed.dk, the official portal for the public Danish healthcare, enables patients and healthcare professionals to access to personal health data anytime anywhere. The portal has 1,4 million unique visitors per month out of a population of about 5,6 million and is a powerful back-end integration platform including data from 120 existing sources.

  • Dr. Heleen Riper, Full Professor eMental-Health, VU University Amsterdam

    Smart Mental Health: Accessible, Acceptable & Cost-Effective

    Dr. Heleen Riper, Full Professor eMental-Health, VU University Amsterdam, is the guest columnist of the 5th issue of Smart Health. Dr Riper considers eMental-health may contribute to improve access to psychological treatments.

  • Karolina Korth

    “Behavioral changes are the main lever in diabetes treatment”

    Karolina Korth leads the Business Development Team of Emminens Healthcare Services, a Digital Health Company of Roche Diabetes Care-Emminens Healthcare Services, with special focus on diabetes and usage of technology to change behaviors.